Top tips for preparing your rental home this summer

The warmer weather is finally here and those planning to let their home this summer might wish to start getting it ready

While we are always happy to offer specific advice to our landlords we also thought we would put together some general preparation tips for you to think about.

Tidy your garden

This is the time of year your garden starts coming into its own – and can get out of control if you don’t maintain it.

Prospective tenants are more likely to be drawn to your property if the grass is mown, hedges are trimmed and beds are weed-free.

Sweep and wash down paths and patio areas – and garden furniture (if you provide it) might also need to be cleaned.

Kerb appeal

Make sure your property looks good from the front.

Clear any rubbish that has blown in from the road and tidy up bin areas.

Gates, fences, windows and even the front door might need a lick of paint.

Check what your curtains or blinds look like from the road and if they don’t serve to brighten the place up, consider replacing them.

General maintenance

Take a tour of the property to check whether autumn and winter have left their mark.

Clear gutters, look for any water damage and check pipes, render and plaster for any cracks.

Inspect your roof to see if you have lost any tiles.

Check the boiler and get the chimney swept if you have one.

Spring clean

Summer might be on the way already but if you didn’t have a chance to do a big spring clean now might be the time to do it!

Deep cleaning the whole place could really transform it.

Open windows to give the property a good airing and then tackle it from top to bottom.

Whether you do it yourself or you employ professionals, give every room a thorough dust, vacuum and scrub through.

Freshen up your décor

With the arrival of summer you might wish to brighten up the interior of your property.

Paint walls in neutral shades, keep ceilings white and consider removing heavy curtains and blinds in favour of something bright and breezy.

Consider adding the odd pot plant or vase of flowers before viewings for a little colour and freshness.