Is your student home revision ready?

As finals and end-of-year exams approach we offer our top tips on turning your rented student home into a place of study.

Student digs may not be known as places of serene study but at this time of year it is important they become somewhere to achieve some serious work.

Those with individual rooms in blocks, shared flats or houses rented from private landlords might like to start preparing their spaces ready to knuckle down.

*Clear up and clean

Buy some bin bags and a pair of rubber gloves and get together with your house mates to clear the rubbish and give the place a good clean.

Even consider cleaning the rooms you won’t be working in, such as the kitchen, bathroom and living room as this will help you feel better about working at home.

*Get rid of the junk

Now is the time to declutter….

Put anything you no longer need (but is in reasonable condition) into bags or boxes and take it to a charity shop or jumble sale.

Giving yourself some space around you will help your head to feel clearer too.

*Freshen up your room

If your room could do with a lick of paint or new carpets speak to your landlord or agency.

If they don’t feel it is time to redecorate then brighten things up yourself with a new rug or throw and perhaps some cushions for the bed.

*Do a big wash

As well as washing your clothes why not put all your bedding and towels through the machine?

You could also wash cushion covers and throws (if they are owned by you personally) to make the whole room feel cleaner and ready to work in.

*Bring in some green touches

Head down to the garden centre and choose yourself a few plants.

Having some greenery around you should help freshen the air and brighten things up while you work.

*Stock up on storage and stationery

Make a list of everything you need to work on and with.

Consider investing in some storage – such as under-bed boxes – to help you to organise your revision work, files and text books.

*Shop for supplies

Finally, fill your newly cleaned fridge with healthy food and a few treats to keep you going.

Buy things that are quick and easy to prepare on the equipment in your rented kitchen, as well as items that will keep for a while in case your shopping time is limited.