Bring the garden in

As spring arrives, those living in rented properties might be thinking about bringing a little greenery into their homes.

House plants can brighten up any space – it is simply a case of choosing the right plant for the right room.

Before you go shopping, make a list of places you think could benefit from a plant or two.

Assess the light, humidity and heat levels in that area and decide how big you want the plant to be.

Then, whether buying online or in-store, make sure you read up on the plant you are choosing and ensure it is suitable.

There are many places that offer excellent advice, including the Royal Horticultural Society.

Jade plants and aloe are popular because they are easy to look after; philodendron is another option for those seeking a good splash of green and not too much work.

Rubber plants and spider plants are also firm favourites – spider plants create babies which can, of course, be repotted to grow on their own.

For those seeking something interesting to cascade down from a shelf or a planter, senecio rowleyanus (or string of pearls) is an attractive choice, or quadricolour will bring some different shades.

And if you want something that will offer you an even brighter splash of colour, why not try an African violet or a clivia?

Follow the instructions for your plants and there is no reason why they should not thrive.

Then, why not consider your outdoor areas if you have any at your rented home?

Balconies, patios and terraces can also be made more inviting with a plant or two.

Fill an attractive container with bulbs, herbs or another colourful choice and your indoor and outdoor spaces will blend even more.