Make your rental home your own

There may be restrictions on enhancing your rental home with permanent changes but there are some steps you can take to make it feel more personal.

If your property is being let unfurnished then bringing in your own pieces will make an immediate difference.

Sofas, chairs, tables and beds will fill the rooms and make them feel your own.

Then tie them into the existing wall, floor and ceiling colour schemes with throws and cushions.

These kinds of soft furnishings can also brighten up pieces within the property if they come with the rental home.

Discuss curtains and blinds with your agent or landlord – changing these could make all the difference if no-one has any objections.

Adding a bright, colourful or patterned rug to a house or apartment that is rented can also instantly make a room feel completely different.

Then consider your lighting – again, this can transform a space immediately.

Table lights and standard lamps can be used to create different ambiences within the house or apartment, while also making statements as interesting items in themselves.

Bringing some of your own accessories into kitchens and bathrooms will give these rooms a different feel too – try to be colour and style-coordinated when doing so.

Looking out for bedding that is eye-catching or attractive – the rest of the room can then be understated, while your bed stands out as a beautiful focal point.

Remember that indoor plants can also be used to add colour and shape, as well as greenery.

Finally, your own photographs, books, magazines and ornaments will also bring that personal touch to your rented home.

After all, this is the place you will spend much of your time and with a few careful additions there is no reason why it should not become your own inviting sanctuary.