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PROPERTY: Three-bedroom city terrace

LOCATION: Golden Triangle, Norwich

Tenant Amanda rented a Victorian terraced house in Norwich’s Golden Triangle for approximately five years through Norfolk Property Lettings & Management.

She happened upon the property almost accidentally after calling the city-based agency about another house.

“We rang up to view a different property, but it became unavailable before we could visit,” she recalls.

“However, Norfolk Property Lettings & Management were very helpful and suggested this letting as an alternative.”

The location of the property suited her well: it was within walking distance of the city and close to good shops and sought-after schools – and it was also within budget.

Amanda says the positive relationship with the agency continued throughout the tenancy.

“They were very accommodating and responsive whenever we made an inquiry or flagged up an issue; we found all staff to be friendly and approachable,” she says.

“The property itself had its quirks and was definitely ageing, but the team did a very decent job responding to any issues.

“The contractors and workmen hired by the agency were particularly good to work with – all were efficient, knowledgeable and friendly.”

Amanda agrees she would definitely recommend Norfolk Property Lettings & Management to other tenants.

“Their customer service skills are top notch and we really got the impression that they as an agency were working hard to do right by both tenants and landlords – and that is not always an easy balance to strike!”

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