Growing the business

It has been an exciting 12 months for Norfolk Property Lettings & Management

The past year has seen us successfully grow the business while also managing to ensure we retain the personal and professional service we are known for.

We now have some 40 per cent more properties on our books than we had in April 2017 – these include everything from small city centre apartments to larger country houses.

The rental market here in Norwich and Norfolk is certainly very buoyant at the moment: there is strong demand for properties of all sizes and we expect that to continue.

Mortgages are still difficult to find and are too costly for many of those seeking homes; renting instead of buying offers them greater flexibility and allows them to move around more freely.

From the landlords’ perspective, there are many reasons to join an agency such as ours.

Many are choosing to offer their properties through Norfolk Property Lettings & Management because they trust us to take the weight of responsibility off their shoulders.

Others realise legislation regarding rental properties is changing frequently and quickly, and they know we keep abreast of it and can ensure they do too.

Above all else, however, our landlords are aware that we do our utmost to find good quality tenants for their properties.

They know we are meticulous in our checks and that we ensure everything continues to run smoothly once the property is occupied.

They have shorter gaps between tenants by working with us and we are on hand to deal with emergencies.

The increase in the number of properties on our books is partly due to new landlords discovering just what we can offer.

But it is also because our existing landlords choose to stay with us when they take on additional properties.

We are now looking forward to another 12 months of success and hope our business continues to grow so we can offer our services to those in the area.

We plan to continue to offer our experience and expertise to landlords and tenants alike, and to respond quickly and efficiently to their individual needs.