Top tips to letting your property in 2022

Landlords and would-be landlords who are thinking about letting out properties next year may already be considering the best ways of preparing to do so.

Here are our top tips:

  1. Choose a reputable agent

There are many benefits to using an agent to help you let and manage your property. Norfolk Property Management & Lettings not only has decades of experience, but also offers a friendly, efficient and very flexible service that can be tailored to meet the differing needs of landlords. We can advise you on setting the right rental price and how to prepare your property. Call us to find out more about how we can lift the worry from your shoulders.

  • Improve kerb appeal

Tidy up the exterior of your rental property as much as possible. Clear autumn and winter debris, such as dead leaves and twigs etc, touch up any paintwork and clean windows. You may also wish to carry out basic repair work to fences, doors and windows etc.

  • Deep clean

This may seem obvious, but it can make a real difference to prospective tenants. Give the whole property a good clean throughout, getting behind and under everything you can. This will make the place seem so much more appealing from the moment someone steps inside.

  • Brighten rooms up

Make sure the property feels light and airy throughout. Replace curtains with blinds or tie curtains back to bring as much natural light as possible. Position mirrors to their best effect to help lighten up a room and use artificial lighting to brighten corners of spaces on gloomy days or during evening viewings.

  • Think about furniture and furnishings

Discuss these with your agent if you have one. Find out whether the market is demanding furnished or unfurnished properties. Ask for their advice about which pieces of furniture tenants require and about any safety standards that must be adhered to.

  • Ensure the tenant feels safe

Other safety requirements are also important, and tenants will expect them to be adhered to. Again, your agency will understand all the relevant regulations and can help you to prepare, advising you about smoke alarms and gas and electrical safety requirements.

  • Let the agent do the viewings

Remember your agent is an experienced professional and knows how to show a property and what a tenant is looking for. He or she will be able to answer all the tenant’s questions and pass feedback on to you while remaining impartial. By leaving the agent to do the viewings, not only will you have more free time, but you will be able to remain emotionally detached from the process. For more information on letting a property in 2022 contact us