Three top tips for giving your garden a holiday feel

Many of us are likely to be holidaying at home again this year, so what can you do to bring that holiday spirit to your outside space?

Here are three top tips:

  1. Invest in some good garden furniture

We tend to go cheap and cheerful with our garden furniture as we spend so much less of our time outdoors than indoors in this country. But if you are spending more time at your rental home this summer why not push out a little more and get something a bit special to help the garden feel more like an extension of the home? If you put the furniture away properly or cover it up through the autumn and winter, it will last much longer, and you won’t need to replace it so often. Do be aware, however, that some suppliers are currently experiencing problems with stock so make sure you check delivery times. A parasol or gazebo is a must if you intend to be outside in the full heat of the sun – these vary greatly in style and price, but many can really enhance the look of your garden.

  • Create an outdoor living area

You probably have a particular space in which you like to arrange your parasol, seating and perhaps a table, but why not go a little further this year to make it into a real outdoor living area. You could set up a bar area, using an old set of shelves (or other item of second-hand furniture) perhaps even find something free on a recycling website? Then upcycle it to make it into a bar, where you could keep drinks in a cool box, as well as snacks, bowls and glasses. You could even make cocktails out here on balmy evenings. And why not invest in a firepit too so you can sit out chatting with friends and family on occasions into the night – or hang some bunting for that party feel? A few little extras like this could make all the difference.

  • Think about lighting

Adding some lighting to your garden can transform it – and you don’t have to spend a fortune. Solar-powered lights are very reasonably priced and are easy to set up and manage. If your garden or outside space does not catch enough sunlight, then invest in battery-powered that can take rechargeable batteries. String fairy lights around your seating area and perhaps the boundaries of your garden to help create that Mediterranean, taverna-like style.