UK Build-to-Rent sector continues to grow

The Build-to-Rent (BTR) sector has continued to expand over the past 12 months despite the challenging economic conditions. According to new research by the British Property Federation (BPF) the total number of BTR homes completed or in the pipeline across the UK rose to 263,694 at the end of the third quarter (Q3) of 2023. […]

Norfolk is one of the safest places to live…

Norfolk has the second fewest burglaries in the country, according to recent research, with Suffolk coming in third. According to security company ADT’s 2023 Burglary Report, the county is one of the least targeted areas of England and Wales by home robbers. It saw just 3.3 burglaries per 1,000 residences in the year ending March […]

Double-glazing and smart technology features are tempting renters

Features such as double glazing, smart technology, and being near a station are the top three features that attract the most demand from those seeking rental homes. A new study of over 600,000 available properties on Rightmove reveals the home features that are driving the most enquiries from home-movers to agents, with these features appealing […]

Help prevent flooding this autumn

Norfolk landlords and homeowners are being urged to help prevent floods this autumn. With bird nesting season over, those who live or own properties in the county are being asked to take small, simple steps to ensure water can drain away from homes. The Norfolk Strategic Flooding Alliance (NSFA) says tasks as simple as keeping drains, ditches and watercourses clear and able to flow […]

Tentative signs of improvement in affordability of property this summer

The average asking price of newly marketed properties dropped in August by 1.9 per cent to £364,895. This is the biggest drop in asking prices at this time of year since 2018, outpacing the average drop of 0.9 per cent in August’s traditional summer slowdown. The much larger than usual price drop this month indicates […]

Guppies – not yuppies! Fewer young people now aim to buy homes…

More than four in 10 British adults under the age of 40 who do not currently own a home have apparently given up on owning their own properties. According to property portal Zoopla, this swathe of the population has now been dubbed Guppies (Given Up on Properties). They are in stark contrast to the “Yuppies” […]

Landlords invest in higher EPC-rated homes

A greater proportion of properties entering the rental market that were previously for sale have an EPC rating of C or higher, according to a recent survey. The study by Rightmove reveals landlords are investing in higher EPC-rated homes to get ahead of potential legislation changes. The latest government plans suggest that all rental properties […]

Renowned architect leaves Norwich and Norfolk legacy

The award-winning architect behind some of Norwich and Norfolk’s most iconic buildings, including an eye-catching, luxury short-term rental home, has died. Sir Michael Hopkins, who designed the Forum and Norwich Cathedral Refectory and Hostry, died on June 17, leaving behind a legacy of pioneering designs. He was also responsible for the new parliamentary building Portcullis […]