Huge growth in buy-to-let sector

The country’s buy-to-let industry has grown substantially in value over the last five years, according to recent research by Octane Capital. The property finance company says the sector has increased by almost £240 billion, due to strong house price growth. Their research estimates there are 5.5 million private rental properties within the UK rental sector […]

A quarter of a century of buy-to-let mortgages

It has been 25 years since buy-to-let mortgages were first launched and in that time the market has seen significant expansion. The UK’s private rented sector (PRS) has almost doubled in size, according to Paragon Bank, expanding from 2.4 million households in 1996 to 4.4 million in England today. It now accounts for some 19 […]

Boom in buy-to-let sales

With the end of the stamp duty holiday looming, landlords have joined other buyers in rushing to complete their purchases, according to recent research by Hampton. In November, landlords made up 15 per cent of buyers in Great Britain, the highest figure since December 2016. By the end of 2020, investors will have bought around […]