Huge growth in buy-to-let sector

The country’s buy-to-let industry has grown substantially in value over the last five years, according to recent research by Octane Capital.

The property finance company says the sector has increased by almost £240 billion, due to strong house price growth.

Their research estimates there are 5.5 million private rental properties within the UK rental sector and based on current market values it is estimated their total value is £1.7 trillion.

With just over one million private rental homes, the London market accounts for 19 per cent of the UK’s total buy-to-let properties.

With highest property prices, it also has the highest value within the buy-to-let sector, which is over £500 billion in value.

The South East follows at £247 billion, with buy-to-let values also exceeding £100 billion, with the East of England (£168 billion) following next.

The South West came in at £156 billion, the North West at £110 billion and the West Midlands at £104 billion.

While the level of privately rented homes has remained largely flat across the UK over the last five years, the total value of the buy-to-let sector has seen a significant boost due to soaring high prices.

It is estimated that the UK’s buy-to-let market has climbed by £239 billion since 2017, an increase of 16.8 per cent.