Make the most of your outside space

Enhance the garden of your rental home this summer and create an outside space to enjoy.

A few little touches here and there can make all the difference and create a space it is a pleasure to spill out into whenever the weather is warm enough.

If your rental property does not come with outside furniture, consider buying one or two pieces of your own.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to find something suitable for your garden, patio or balcony that will make all the difference.

Furthermore, your chairs, table and even a recliner can always travel with you to your next home.

Also consider adding a few free-standing pots and containers. Items such as jugs, teapots and buckets can also make interesting planters.

Plant them up with blooms and interesting plants that bring something different through the seasons; then enjoy watching them add colour to your space.

Consider planting some of these with herbs to add different shapes and scents to your outside space, as well as allowing you to grow something useful for the kitchen.

Finally, you could even think about growing some fruit or vegetables in pots.

Alpine strawberries can be bought cheaply in small pots throughout the year in garden centres, as well as grown from seed in spring.

They are ideal for growing in hanging baskets, which keeps them out of reach of slugs and snails.

They tolerate cooler conditions and more shade than other strawberries so are a good choice if you are not blessed with a sunny patio or balcony.

Like any hanging basket they will need regular watering to prevent them from drying out but once you are able to pick the ripe fruit, it will be worth the work!