Grow Veg at Home

Spring is well underway and with more of us spending an increasing amount of time at home, now might be the time to consider growing your own produce.

Whether you have a large garden at your rental home, a small bed or two or even just space for some containers, cultivating your own fruit and veg can be both healthy and rewarding.

Believe it or not, some vegetables can be grown in the smallest of spaces.

A pot on a windowsill could be the perfect place to grow rocket or lettuce leaves.

If you have a courtyard garden with your small terraced house or a balcony with your apartment, you could create a container vegetable garden.

Consider whether you have space for a trellis, allowing you to grow peas or beans.

Other vegetables to think about might also include aubergines, beetroots, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, herbs, onions, radishes and tomatoes.

Potatoes can also be grown in a large container in smaller rental homes, as well as out in the garden of larger, detached properties, with more generous gardens.

If you are considering using containers, think about what you have readily to hand.

Clay, wood, plastic and metal vessels could all be suitable.

Ensure you choose containers that are wide and deep enough to allow your plants to thrive.

Make drainage holes in the bottom and use sterile potting compost for the best results.

Follow the instructions that come with your seeds or seedlings.

Make sure they have sufficient light and shelter from the wind.

Water them regularly, probably once a day, until the water runs out of the drainage holes.

Finally, enjoy your home produce.

Anything that is homegrown will always taste much better than shop bought items as you will know just how much care and attention has gone into their growth.