Prepare for the summer

As summer arrives, and many of us accept the reality that we are likely to spending less time away, now is probably the time to start making some different plans.

Whether or not we end up being able to take holidays abroad or book a “staycation” in the UK – or travel to see friends and family – the “new normal” suggests much of this summer is likely to be spent at home.

For tenants in rented apartments and houses, as well as property owners, the coming weeks could be used to take one or two small steps towards making their homes ready.

Here are a few of our suggestions:

*Find time to clean all the windows in your studio, flat or house – a brighter interior environment often makes the summer more enjoyable

*Consider creating an indoor relaxation space close to French windows, a door, a window or even a skylight – you will be able to sit here with a good book or watch television and enjoy a summer breeze at the same time

*If you are lucky enough to have a garden or balcony space, consider giving any patio or concrete floor areas a good scrub in readiness for spending more time out there

*Wipe down any outdoor furniture you have or consider investing in some if you are renting an unfurnished property and this is your first summer there

*If you don’t have any shade in your outside space, think about buying an umbrella or canopy so you can sit out safely during the hottest times of the day

*Perhaps also buy one or two container plants that will bring greenery and colour to your outside space

*If you have a barbecue, now is the time to give it a good clean and replace any grills and accessories that have not survived since last year

*If you don’t have a barbecue, why not start browsing the internet now before the summer rush begins?

*Cut the lawn, weed the beds and generally tidy any other outside spaces

*If you have small children, consider whether you have enough space for a paddling and other outside play equipment they might enjoy – again, now might be the time to make these purchases, before stocks run out

*For those expecting to be working at home throughout the summer, consider whether you might need a fan, cooler or dehumidifier

*You might also wish to think about relocating your home office area from the kitchen table to a space close to a window or outside door