Five reasons to choose a lettings agency

New and experienced landlords have many reasons for choosing to work with a trusted and reliable agency, such as Norfolk Property Lettings & Management.

Here are five of the key reasons:

  1. Lifting the stress

Property lettings and management companies offer different levels from service, from simply finding and vetting tenants to complete on-going management. Some, such as Norfolk Property Lettings & Management, will put together a bespoke package to take on exactly what the landlord requires. This means the landlord can free themselves of any aspect of the process that they would rather not involve themselves in. By working with a good agency, they should find letting their property or properties becomes a hassle-free method of generating income.

  • Understanding ever-changing regulations

The world of property lettings can be complex and is governed by many ever-changing rules, regulations and laws. A property lettings and management company should have an in-depth understanding of all of these and should advise their landlords and ensure every rental property and letting process is compliant. They will keep up-to-date with changing requirements, so their landlords don’t have to.

  • Managing the paperwork

These ever-changing regulations around rental properties can result in a mountain of paperwork. Once again, an agency can take this on for you. They will sift through everything you need to do and ask for authority to act or a signature on documentation when required. They will ensure the necessary checks are carried out on tenants and that all the certification to do with the property is valid and up-to-date. Their landlords won’t have to keep a diary of what might be required and when.

  • Maintaining the rental property

While some landlords might choose to take on responsibility for ongoing maintenance and repairs others are more than happy to hand this over to the agency of their choice. If they trust their agency implicitly, this will give them peace of mind that they won’t have to deal with burst pipes in the middle of the night or find an electrician on a Sunday morning.

  • Marketing the rental property

A good agency will know the best methods of filling a rental property to ensure there are as few voids as possible. They will have experience of the best places to advertise and will know how to pitch the property at the right price level and how it should be presented. They will deal with internet, print and any other form of marketing and advertising on your behalf. Their aim is to ensure a consistent flow of income for you and should know the best way of doing this.