Bring in the greens of summer – refresh your colour scheme this season

First it was grey, then it was blue, and then viva magenta was all the rage.

Now with summer well and truly on the horizon, the cool greens of summer have arrived.

Those considering updating their rental homes with a touch of green here and there could find the refreshing colour is just the right seasonal choice.

From cushions and throws to rugs, vases and other home accessories, clean greens of all shades and hues could bring summer right into the home.

Recent research from eco paint specialists Victory Colours shows that consumer interest in green interiors has soared this spring as people prepare to make summer changes and enhancements.

Using data from Pinterest, Victory Colours found searches for the term “green interiors” peaked earlier this month – reaching an all-time high of 100 index points.

Victoria Yardley, managing director of Victory Colours, said: “We are getting braver and bolder when it comes to incorporating colour into our homes and green is the go-to hue.

“And it’s no surprise. Green has the most incredible calming impact and thanks to its connotations with nature, fans of all things biophilic are embracing all shades of green, from cooling sage through to deep emeralds.”

Also popular are refreshing limes, dark forests and soft olives.

Bringing summer greens into the home this summer can also, of course, be achieved by adding one or two new house plants to a room.

Choose plants that will thrive within particular corners of your property, depending on light and temperature levels.

And if a new plant doesn’t seem to be doing well after a few days in its new home then try moving to a corner which is cooler or warmer and where the light is different.