The rental market is strong

With plenty of properties to let and lots of interested tenants seeking homes we are currently seeing a buoyant rental market.

It is true that when the housing market slows the rental market historically picks up.

When homeowners become nervous about selling they choose to let instead and when people become anxious about buying they often opt to rent.

But here at Norfolk Property Lettings and Management we believe there is more to it than simply the uncertain times.

Recent significant changes to legislation have seen some businesses in our industry go under or sell out to corporate agencies rather than embark upon the necessary training.

Those larger agencies have taken on the management of many of properties that were with the smaller companies but there are some landlords who have chosen to jump ship.

These landlords have opted to come to independents like ourselves instead who can offer a very flexible, hands-on and bespoke service tailored to their specific needs.

And agents like Norfolk Property Lettings and Management, who are currently undergoing the rigorous training to become licensed, will soon be in an even better position to offer a high quality service.

The changes in legislation will protect both landlords and tenants – and that that can only be a good move for everyone.

We have lots of great properties available at the moment but can always take more on and are very happy to talk to landlords about what we can offer them.

Our services differ from those of many other agents and our testimonials speak for themselves.