Should I sell or should I let my empty home?

There are many reasons why people end up with an empty home.

They may have inherited it or they may be moving abroad or relocating elsewhere in the UK for work but wish to keep their main home.

It is also not unusual these days for two older people, each with a home, to start a new relationship and decide to move in together.

They may opt to live in one property but to retain the other for investment purposes or they may decided to start over by buying a new place together and perhaps only need to sell one of their houses to do so.

Whether to sell or let out an empty property is always a tricky decision and is certainly not one to rush into.

This is why many of our landlords do decide to let initially.

This gives them the opportunity to see whether the process works for them and to keep an eye on the property market.

The situation is uncertain at the moment. Many property experts are predicting falls in house prices but then there are some parts of the country that look set to remain bouyant.

It is also widely agreed that when investing in property you do have to ride out the peaks and the troughs to some extent and to hold on to the notion that while prices might drop, they may well rise again in the future.

What is clear at the moment, however, is that there is high demand for rental homes – in fact, those of us in the industry have never seen it so strong.

Letting agents such as ourselves have long lists of tenants desperate to find a rental home.

Becoming a landlord for the first time can feel onerous, but that is exactly why a company such as Norfolk Property Lettings and Management exists.

Our job is to lift the weight of responsibility from your shoulders and to take on as much or as little of the work and the stress as you would like us to.

We have been in this business for decades and many of our landlords have been with us for years.

They value our huge experience, as well as our friendly and personal service – and they know they can rely on us to look after their properties and their tenants on their behalf.

We are always happy to chat to anyone considering letting an empty home.

We can tell you how our processes work, offer you our advice and then you can make the decision on whether to go down this route.

Just call us on 01603 219319 or email and one of our friendly members of staff can explain more and answer any questions.