On the carpet – top tips to choosing a new rug this autumn

The weather has well and truly changed, the leaves on the trees are already turning red, yellow and gold.

So, it’s certainly time to get your home ready for the autumn and winter.

There are many ways in which you can make your house or flat feel cosy and welcoming this season and among them is the option to invest in a new rug or two.

Rugs not only add warmth to a space, both underfoot and in their ability to reduce draughts, but they also help create a cosy ambience through their texture and colour.

Here are our top tips on choosing a new rug this autumn:

  • Consider colour

While you will want your rug to blend in with your existing colour scheme, you probably also want it to have some impact. So, try choosing something complementary yet different to whatever shade is on your walls. You could pick out a hue from your curtains or cushions or opt for the same colour as your furniture but a few shades lighter or darker.

  • Pattern or plain

If you have patterned wallpaper, curtains, soft furnishings of even furniture you will want to choose a rug that is in a plain colour, a shade picked out from the pattern. Clashing patterns are unlikely to work and the same pattern will probably be too much. If everything else in the room is plain, then you could choose a rug with a pattern that complements your existing colour scheme. This new rug is then likely to become a new and interesting focal point to the room.

  • Pile is important

If you want a rug that is thick underfoot and comfortable to sit on, then you probably want to choose one with a thick pile. If your rug is going to be in a space with a lot of foot traffic, however, thin is likely to work better and will be less of a trip hazard.

  • Size is important

Measure your space carefully before investing in your new rug – resist the temptation to judge by eye. Ideally, you want a foot or two of your hard floor or carpet to show all the way round it. This will ensure it has maximum effect as a new addition to your room.

  • Think about texture

In the same way as you need to work carefully with the colours that are already in your room, texture is also important. If you want the new rug to bring something different to your space, you probably want to introduce a new and contrasting texture. If you have lots of smooth, shiny pieces of furniture and accessories, go for something thick, heavy and with an obvious texture to it. If you already have cushions and throws that are heavily textured, bring contrast through something smoother and sleeker.

  • Don’t forget underlay

While it is tempting to just throw a rug straight down on to your floor or carpet, underlay or a rug pad is essential. Not only is this a vital safety feature in helping to prevent sliding and tripping accidents but it will also give the rug another layer of warmth underfoot. Secure the underlay and your rug with carpet tape.