Mirroring lettings process could help with conveyancing

Elements of the way agents let homes should be implemented by those selling properties, according to estate agency platform Gazeal.

The antiquated conveyancing system could be more effective if it mirrored some of the best practice from the lettings process, it has stated.

The digital platform says that the additional pressure on the conveyancing process caused by the stamp duty holiday has highlighted its shortcomings and that evolution is urgently needed.

The conveyancing process could become a lot smoother if it followed a similar path to the lettings system where the agent stays with the tenant and landlord from start to finish.

At the moment, tenants find properties in the same way as buyers with a similar viewing, offer and negotiation process, but that’s where the similarities end.

Bryan Mansell, co-founder of the platform, says: “During the homebuying process, once the offer has been accepted, buyers and sellers go off independently which is where many of the problems start.

“Of course, the lettings process will always be faster than sales as a title is not being transferred, but the way in which letting agents are plugged-in to the whole process has a range of benefits.

“If more of the conveyancing work could be carried out by agents, with them able to guide consumers through the process, transactions could become smoother and more efficient.

“In the lettings sector, there is an onus on agents to provide documentation and information to both sides of the transaction.

“This moves the process along and ensures everyone knows where they stand.

“There is plenty more to be done to improve the conveyancing process, but mirroring some of the most effective parts of the lettings system could be a good starting point.”