Advice for students seeking new accommodation

t’s not long now until the universities and colleges start back and some students may be rushing around in a last-minute bid to find accommodation.

But don’t let the panic result in a situation where you end up taking on something unsuitable.

Here are our tip tips for finding the right digs.

*Find out which agents in your area work with students – they will be able to offer you the right kind of accommodation in the right area.

*Decide who you want to live with – most students share but you must be sure you will be able to spend much more time with your friends than you might have done before.

*Decide where you want to live – is it more important to be close to campus or close to the university? And what amenities do you need to have within easy reach?

*Think about the style of accommodation you would like – do you want a flat, house or perhaps even just a studio or bedsit for privacy?

*If you are sharing, consider communal areas – think about whether it is important to have a sitting room as well as a kitchen, and would you like a garden?

*Ensure the agency and/or landlord knows you are a student – you could run into trouble later on if you are not upfront and honest.

*Think about your budget – do not forget to include bills when looking at accommodation and working out your costs; understand what is included in the total you are paying.

*Check the dates on your contract – make sure they work for you, with your course and the time you expect to be in the location.

*Take time to view each property carefully – don’t be carried away with the excitement of having your own home for the first time: look, think and ask questions.

Once you have chosen your accommodation, been through the checks and signed on the dotted line, ensure you maintain a good relationship with your agency or landlord.

Remember, everyone wants this arrangement to work.