What are the top five interior design trends for 2023?

When times are hard we take refuge in our flats, houses and other places of living – and sometimes making changes can improve our mood.

Whether you are planning major changes to your home or whether you are tightening the purse strings but may well add a small new item here or there, it can be interesting to know what the experts predict for the coming year’s interior design trends.

Changes can be as small as buying a new cushion or throw from a charity shop to going through every room, upgrading and improving extensively.

To save money you can make items or upcycle pieces yourself or if you are planning something bigger, you can take the advice of designers, architects and others in the know.

Here are five of the top interior design trends we are expecting to see in 2023:

Nostalgic design

When times are hard we often hark back to the “good old days” when life seemed easier and less complicated. We all know that wasn’t really the case, but it doesn’t stop us looking back with rose-tinted glasses! Look out for retro and vintage patterns in wallpaper prints. Choose cushions and throws with tassels, table lamps and other items that feel like they could have come from any distinct era from the end of the 19th century to the mid 20th century and hang pictures and photographs with a clear Art Deco, Art Nouveau or perhaps even Pop Art style

Strong colours

Bold shades can really lift the mood and for 2023 there is a whole new array to consider. This year’s Pantone colour is viva magenta, a lovely shade to help brighten your day while also bringing in a little fun. Deep blue is also back and plum and mustard are both making an appearance. Also look out for brown-based hues – chocolate, caramel, terracotta, and pillar box and tomato reds.


If you are looking for a strong pattern this year, look no further than the stripe. Striking, eye-catching and great for statement rugs, cushions and throws, you will feel the change in your space even if you only bring in a few stripes here and there. Striped bedding will also be popular.

Natural stone and wood

For those making to make big changes, natural stone is still hugely popular. People are predicted to go for a little more drama in 2023, however, choosing stones with strong veins and natural patterns for their floors, work surfaces and splashbacks. Stone in rough blocking is also set to be popular, especially when contrasted with smooth surfaces and clean lines.

Ever soothing and much more sustainable, natural wood also remains at the top of the interiors list for 2023, especially for those seeking fittings and accessories that are more environmentally friendly. As well as an array of sustainable woods, bamboo, cork and sisal remain popular and will bring a variety of warm colour and contrasting texture. Check eco details with your supplier to ensure you are buying responsibly.

Quiet and reflective

Yes, many of us have become much more reflective since turbulent 2020 and the result is that we are increasingly seeking to make our homes places of peace, sanctuary and quiet reflection. As a result, more of us are creating corners for activities such as yoga and meditation. We are making music rooms and craft spaces within our bedrooms, apartments and houses and we are seeking to furnish and fit out areas that have a specific and particularly relaxing purpose.