Three interior design trends for 2021

With the year drawing to a close and many of us hoping for better times ahead we might be gently starting to think about changes we might make to our homes in 2021.

For those in rental properties, it might be about making a few alterations here or there, and perhaps freshening spaces up with one or two new items.

While others might just be considering what to add to their Christmas lists, so they have some nice new pieces with which to accessorise and enhance existing spaces.

Here are some of the experts’ predictions for next year’s interior design trends:

1. Home offices

Working from home has become commonplace for so many of us this past year. Some will be perched on the kitchen table with their laptops, but others may well have created a home office area within the house. The likelihood is that some of us will be keen to make these areas more permanent as we change our working habits and perhaps aim to operate more from the home. This might be a case of investing in a new desk; rearranging furniture or taking over a bedroom space and transforming it into a study.

2. Health and wellbeing

After living through a pandemic, many of us may be reassessing our lifestyles and choices and opting to focus a little more (where possible) on our overall health and wellbeing. This is likely to take the form of trying to exercise more and eat better, but it could also mean making changes to the home. Again, we may decide to try to set up a dedicated area for working out, perhaps. But it might also be about trying to focus more on the things we enjoy – creating a hobby area within the home; making a quiet reading corner or rearranging our furniture so we can easily find space for our yoga mat or daily stretching.

3. Natural colours and earthy tones

In a similar vein, the colours of 2021 are going to be warm, earth and very natural. Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2021, Brave Ground, is a perfect example of this. This is likely to be teamed up with other woody hues, together with subtle blues and greens that also reflect the world around us.