Reasons for moving home

A country lifestyle, a new job and relationship changes are among the reasons why people are currently looking for a new home, according to recent research.

With approximately eight per cent of British adults planning to move house in the next six months, AA Financial Services has investigated the top reasons for making the change.

Overall, work was the main factor behind a house or flat move (22 per cent) – either for a new job or to be closer to the workplace.

This reason was especially high among the under 25s, where it rose to 42 per cent, according to the research.

Next came a run of lifestyle factors, such as moving to the country, having children, being closer to family and the desire to live in an area with lower levels of crime.

Some 15 per cent of respondents said they wanted to move to a cheaper area and 13 per cent were looking to downsize property in order to free up some capital.

Approximately 18 per cent said they disliked where they currently lived, and some 16 per cent wanted to be closer to family.

The research also found that 15 per cent were moving due to a change in their relationship such as marriage or divorce.

Implicit within the research findings, many of those buying were looking to free up money through a house move.