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PROPERTY: Two to four-bedroom terraced house


When Rupert moved out of his house and decided to let it out he knew he wanted an agent to manage the lettings for him.

But at the same time, he was adamant it had to be a company which was transparent, honest and fair – to both tenants and landlords.

“I didn’t to spend the time or incur the stress of letting the house myself,” he admits. “But I wanted to ensure that whoever ended up doing it for me was the right agent.”

As such, he made appointments with a number of agencies and went along to meet their staff, discuss their processes and find out how they treated their tenants and landlords.

“To be honest, I was appalled at some of the practices of the larger companies,” he recalls.

“Some of what they were doing almost felt dishonest and I didn’t like the way some of them spoke about their tenants.”

Norfolk Property Lettings & Management felt very different, however.

“They seemed to me to be altogether much more decent in the way they operated,” he says.

“I thought they had the best interests of the tenant as well as the landlord at heart.”

Since then he has been very pleased with the way the whole letting process has worked.

“It has been brilliant – I don’t have to do anything. If minor repairs are required then Norfolk Property Lettings & Management arranges for work to be carried out and the costs are always reasonable,” he adds.

“The staff keep me informed and I can always get hold of them easily if I need to.”

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