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PROPERTY: Two bungalows, each with two bedrooms


Landlord Pierre has worked with Norfolk Property Lettings & Management since it was established more than two decades ago.

“My grandfather built the two bungalows I now own and I have let them through the agency since it was first launched,” he explains.

“We decided to work with the company because we wanted everything to be as easy as possible – and it has been.

“Working with Norfolk Property Lettings & Management has taken the headache out of the whole process.”

The letting of the bungalows, which each have two bedrooms, is managed by the team from start to finish.

They find and vet the tenants, oversee the tenancy and rental payments, and manage any necessary work on the properties.

“I know the agency will get in touch with me if they need to but at the same time they don’t bother me with every small problem,” says Pierre.

“If something needs doing, they have people they can call in quickly to do it.

“They keep me updated on the condition of the bungalows after they have checked them and they take on responsibility for essentials, such as electricity and gas certificates.

“I don’t have to remember when these tests need to be carried out or to arrange for someone to come and do them – that is all taken care of for me.”

He adds: “Furthermore, we have always had good tenants and I know that one of the friendly, experienced members of staff at Norfolk Property Lettings & Management will always be there if I need to talk to them.”


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