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It has been such a difficult few months for most people and although lockdown is easing many of us well still be spending more time than usual at home over the coming weeks.

There is no reason, however, not to make the most of our gardens – if we are lucky enough to have them in our rental home or our own properties – or to get out and about as much as possible.

In Norwich, we benefit from lots of wonderful parks and green open spaces, within walking distance of many residential areas.

And, of course, if we are able to get out into the Norfolk countryside we are also spoiled for choice with areas of woodland, countryside and beach.

This month, the RSPB is encouraging all of us to go a little wild by inviting people across the UK to share their outdoor experiences.

The organisation wants us all to notice the new things we are seeing in the world around us.

Adam Murray, head of community empowerment at the RSPB, says: “Connecting with the natural world is more important than ever.

“Over the last few months, as we juggled work, family life and wellbeing, all from the confines of home, the natural world became a playground, a gym, a tonic, and much more besides. But while our lives have changed, the threats to nature have not gone away.

“We’d love you to share the new things you have noticed and started to appreciate more in your world – large and small.

“Whether it’s cleaner air, the wildlife in your local park or getting creative in your support of the natural world, we’d love to hear about it.

“We want to know what you’ve started to value during these strange times.”

To get involved, simply share your stories and photos using #MyWorldNow on social media.

And we hope you enjoy finding pleasure in the natural world either on your doorstep or slightly further afield as we all settle into this new normality.