LOCATION: The Norwich area

Able Services has been working with Norfolk Property Lettings and Management on its rental properties for about two years now.

The property maintenance business, which is also equipped for small construction and installation tasks, carries out a wide range of work for the agency, explains Kenneth O’Callaghan, business owner and property maintenance multi-trader.

“We mostly work on individual houses around the Norwich area, but also a small number of multi-occupancy residential buildings,” he explains.

“We carry out a wide range of internal property repairs, as well as significant amounts of guttering work, and many inspections and repairs following damp and water damage.”

Able Services has a good working relationship with Norfolk Property Lettings and Management, he stresses.

“Norfolk Property Lettings and Management is able to use the wider skill-set of Able Services, which has proven trustworthy in customer liaison, inspection work and delivering repairs,” he says.

“Norfolk Property Lettings and Management’s success is likely enhanced by its aim to maintain properties to a good standard, so landlords and tenants have greater confidence their interests are being looked after.”

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