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PROPERTY: Two-bedroom apartment

LOCATION: Norwich city centre

It was about eight years ago now that landlord Chris first started working with Norfolk Property Lettings & Management.

“I wanted the security of working with someone who could find me good tenants – and I did not want to have to deal with the tenants myself,” he explains.

“I live about two hours drive from Norwich and did not want to be jumping in my car every time there was a dripping tap to deal with.”

He arranged to meet Mike Claxton at the city centre property and was impressed with his whole approach:

“He gave me good advice and I felt he was a genuine person, who was very open and honest about the process,” Chris recalls.

Since then, the working relationship with Norfolk Property Lettings & Management has been very smooth.

“It has been a breeze – everything is effortless for me,” he admits.

“They take on everything that is required and are always very prompt in sorting out problems.

“I would recommend Norfolk Property Lettings & Management 100 per cent to any other landlords.”

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